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    • Yuri Radyushkin, director for projects at ZAO Ecros-Engineering.
      Monitoring and control: how to capture pollution and save money

      Any manufacture emitting potentially hazardous substances needs a control system. Control systems, as well as production operations, have become subject to full automation.

      To provide reproducibility and precision of results, samples, until recently, have been prepared only manually. The process usually took several days and heavily depended on human factor. To resolve this problem, Fluid Management Systems (USA) developed an automated sample preparation system. Its advantages are obvious: in one stage, it automatically performs full preparation of a sample without the presence or assistance of a lab technician, thus providing a precise and reproducible analysis without the cross-pollution of extracts and at minimal harmful influence on personnel. In those locations that do not require permanent monitoring, mobile posts for area inspection can be organised.

      This system can be particularly useful for regional administrations of the Russian Federation to organise ecological control over industrial enterprises, or for companies that prepare samples and have to monitor emissions in accordance with the current legislation.

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