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    • 15.12.2010

      4rd Congress (2010)

      The congress is organised by:

      • Moscow City Government
      • Russian Plastics Converters Association
      • Messe Duesseldorf Moscow
      RCC Group

      • Feedstock supply to domestic consumers
      • New processing technologies from Western manufacturers
      • State support of small and medium-sized businesses

      Market segments to be discussed:
      • Packaging
      • Road building
      • Housing and utilities


      • Polymer converters
      • Equipment manufacturers
      • Industry scientists and researchers
      • Government officials
      • Representatives of trade and business associations
      • Heads of public organisations
      • Leading industry media

      Primary goals
      The goal of the congress is to bring together consumers of finished plastic products, plastic converters, technology licensors and investors. Specific tasks of the congress are to discuss and forecast Russia’s market development, identify the current trends in the plastic industry, coordinate and define business activities.
      The congress is expected to feature statements by major players of the Russian market and preliminary agreements on cooperation and joint investments. The participants will discuss Russia’s market size, its segmentation and major market players.

      We invite you to take part in the event to exchange your ideas with active players of the Russian plastic conversion market.

      Industry problems in 2010:
      • Decline in growth rates
      • Small per capita plastic consumption in Russia
      • Lack of consumer specifications promoting advanced technologies and materials
      • Lack of coordinated customs and pricing policy by feedstock suppliers and converters

      Media support
      The congress will be supported by leading industry publications.
      For details see Media support


      Day One, 22nd November 2010


      Registration, welcome coffee


      Welcome address

      SESSION 1. Plenary meeting


      Development of Markets for Polymer Products.
      Methods of Regional /State Support of Plastic Processors.-

      Eugeny Panteleev, minister of the Moscow City Government, head of the Science and Industrial Policy Department. Welcome speech.

      Rafinat Yarrullin, director general of OAO Tatnentekhiminvest-Holding.
      Directions for innovations in the polymers manufacturing industry of the Republic of Tatarstan.

      Airat Gizzatullin, director general of OAO UK Idea Capital, executive director of Technopolis Khimgrad.
      Development of polymer conversion in special economic zone.

      Ekaterina Kraeva, director general of RCC Group, Yuri Frei, representative of OAO Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding in the EU. On possible adoption of EN-DIN standards in the Russian Federation and outlooks for the expansion of the domestic polymer products market.

      Mikhail Katsevman, director, Science and Development, of the Polyplastic group.
      Thermoplastic polymers market in Russia. Analysis and forecasts

      12.00-13.00         LUNCH

      SESSION 2. Plenary meeting


      New Materials in the Russian Market. Specifics of Manufacture and Applications.

      Valery Kulichikhin, director of the polymer rheology laboratory of the Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis.
      Thermoplastics-based nanocomposites: first steps to commercialization.

      Victor Avdeev, head of the Chemical Technology and New Materials Division of MSU, director of the Institute of New Hydrocarbon Materials and Technologies.
      Polymer composites and products for engineering, fire protection, sealing and other industrial applications.

      Dariusz Lukaszewski, regional director of Milliken Chemical.
      Opportunities for the production of innovative polypropylene grades in Russia.

      Aslanbek Balov, director general of Polykhimgroup.
      On substitution of existing flame retardants with new-generation products.

      Marina Chumakova, Silicone Sales Department of Wacker Chemie Rus.
      Innovative liquid silicone resins for injection molding.

      Vera Myasoedova, professor, chief scientist, Institute of Chemical Physics of the RAS.
      Wood-polymer and other fibrillar nanocomposites for pressure molding and extrusion applications.

      Eugeny Antipov, professor, deputy director of the Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis.
      Cable wastes. Modifying additives. Review of new recycling technologies.

      Timofei Kalinin, a group of young scientists, the Kazan State Technical University (Department of New Developments). Polymer additives – fungicides in buildings.

      SESSION 3. Panel discussion


      Review of the Russian Polymer Market.
      Problems of Market Regulation and Feedstock Availability.

      List of speakers:

      Artyom Krupinov, director of the Polymer Marketing Department, Direction of Plastics and Organic Synthesis, Sibur;

      Tamara Khazova, director of the Analytic Department, Alliance-Analytics;

      Konstantin Arkhipov, director, sales and procurement, Izhevsk Plastics Plant;

      Yuri Orlov, director of the technical department, OOO Promkhimplast.

      Market players, government officials and industry journalists have been invited to take part in the discussion. Time limits for questions and statements – 5 minutes.

      Day Two, 23rd November 2010


      Registration, welcome coffee

      SESSION 4. Plenary meeting


      Equipment for Plastics Processing.
      New Technologies and Cost Efficiency.

      Vsevolod Abramov, chairman of the Russian Plastics Converters Association.
      Report on results of K 2010. The latest European technologies and equipment.

      Bernd Fischer, executive director of Schnorr von Carolsfeld Engineering & Service GmbH.
      Dedusting of granules at the stage of loading and feedstock processing.

      Eugeny Bukharev, director general of NPP Mayak-93.
      Establishing of a manufacture of new-generation metal-polymer pipes.

      Petr Malina, deputy director, Science of ZAO Bioenergetik.
      Plan of establishing a manufacture of newly designed polymer valves. Investment project.

      13.00-14.00         LUNCH

      SESSION 5. Panel discussion


      Collection and Utilization of Used Polymers.
      Municipal Waste Recycling

      Valery Blok, director of SPKB, Volgograd.
      Modern solutions in municipal solid waste recycling.

      Sergei Tarskikh, director general of the Statico group.
      Lubov Arkhipova, commercial director of the Statico group.
      Specifics of the Russian waste separation. Technical solutions.

      Mikhail Zaikov, member of the Board of Directors of ZAO Bioenergetik.
      Utilization of Russian MSWs and polymer wastes in 2010-2015

      Nikolai Petov, OOO Infomine. Estimation of volumes food-grade PET recycling in Russia.

      Konstantin Maikov, director of NPO Ecomachgroup.
      Innovations in processing of municipal and industrial wastes through thermo-chemical destruction.

      Market players, government officials and industry journalists have been invited to take part in the discussion. Time limits for questions and statements – 5 minutes.


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