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    • Delegate Fee, Advertising


      Single distribution fee, 18% VAT is included (Euro)

      1. Company’s representative participation in the Congress (2 days)

      * 12% discount is given for the delegations of 3persons and more


      2. Company’s spokesman topical report (20 min.)

      * The cost and time-table/ place in the Programme/ of the reports with the advertising info are agreed on conditions separately


      3. Distribution of the company’s info materials/papers on a stand infront a convention hall


      4. Sponsor poster spacing in a lobby infront a convention hall (up to 3 square meters)


      5. Sponsor booklets and info materials/papers distribution (up to 4pages, А4 format) in the Congress’ news handout (brand-name bags for all the Congress delegates)

      1 357,00

      6. Publication of press-release or the news abt the company in the info resources of the Congress’ sponsors (up to 5 publications)

      2 891,00

      7. Publication of the detailed info abt the company on the separate page of the Congress’ website

      1 357,00

      8. Publication of the info abt the company’s report in the Congress’ key takeaways, in a special edition of The Chemical Journal (up to 1 page)

      1 357,00

      9. Active banner publication (252х60 px.) at RCCnews.ru (1 month)

      1 357,00

      10. Active company’s logo publication (100х100 px.) at the Congress’ website


      11. Company’s logo spacing in the Congress’ key takeaways in a special edition of The Chemical Journal


      12. Publication of the info article in a “TOP” position at RCCnews.ru (1 month)

      2 006,00

      13. Advertising module publication in a special edition of «The Chemical Journal»

      2 006,00

      14. The convention hall decoration in a brand-name style of the company, promotional items, polygraphic materials, advertisement banners, video, special decoration

      * for the event sponsors only

      14 160,00

      Organizational fee includes:

      • Attendance at all the Congress sessions;

      • Participation in the Congress resolution working-out;

      • Communication with the mass medium representatives that execute media-support;

      • Possibility to utilize synchronous translation;

      • Programme materials;

      • Comprehensive food service;

      • DVD Congress presentation;

      • DVD Congress video clip;

      • High-quality photos of the participants;

      • The list of the 5th Congress participants.

      Please refer to the below mentioned tel no.’s on the subject of the sponsorship package:

      +7 (499) 767-19-06

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