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      Polymer Industry of the Russian Federation
      10.00-13.00 Domestic production and imports in the Russian market of polymers: range, quality, trends.
      13.00-14.00 Lunch break.
      14.00-16.00 Solid waste and secondary polymers: foreign experience, the Russian market, technology for processing and disposal.
      16.00-16.30 Coffee break.
      16.30-18.00 Companies’ Presentations.


      • Greetings from the Department of Science, industrial politics and enterprises representatives of Moscow.
      • Vsevolod Abramov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Plastics Converters.

      The major innovative trends of plastics convertion development in RF.

      • Abdulakh Mikitaev, General Director of JSC “ Makpolymer”, Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor, praised scienceman of RF.

      Main tendencies of science and production development of synthetic polymers.

      • Rafinat Yarullin, General Director of OJSC “ Tatnephtechiminvest-Holding”.

      The new water-base polymers based on acrylic acids for extinguishing and agriculture needs.

      • Marat Baimukanov, Vice-President of “Group Polyplastic”.

      Advanced technologies of compounding and pipes production in the “Polyplastic”co.

      • Mikhail Sutyaginskiy, General Director of JSC SC“Titan”.

      About Omsk PP plant start-up with 180 КМТ/y capacity within the scope of petrochemical cluster of the “ Park” federal project.

      • Robert Tashkalov, General Director of JSC “Nuran”.

      About compounds production opening in Tatarstan Republic. Cable and other industries application.

      • Svetlana Khashirova, Professor of the Organic chemistry and High-polymeric substances chair, KBSU named after Kh.M.Berbekova.

      Experience of elaboration and adaptation of nano-composite PVC compound production technology for cable insulation application.

      • Alexander Khvorost, JSC “BASF” specialist.

      Review of BASF’s new materials and new technologies for polymeric industry application.

      • Nikolay Petov, Chief of Marketing Dep of OJSC” Group oа the companies “TONAP”.

      Russian potential of import-replacing polymeric films.

      • Alexey Ablaev, President of the Russian Bio-Fuel Association.

      The Bio-Plastics are the chances for Russia.

      • Mikhail Levenbuck, Professor of “Oil ad Gas RSU named after I.M.Gubkin”.

      About the economical peculianties of the Russian polymer industry.

      • Igor Simonov-Emelianov, Doctor of the Technical Science, Prof., the Head of the Plastics Conversion Chair of Moscow Fine Chemicals Technology Academy named after M.V.Lomonosov.

      The strategical trends of the Science-Intensive Plastics Technologies Development at the Plastics Conversion Chair of MIFChT named after M.V.Lomonosov.

      • Ruslan Khalilov, General Director of «M-7» Industrial park.

      Plastics Conversion Development under the Teck Park conditions.

      • Igor Skopintsev, Assistanсe Professor, Candidate of Technical Science, Head of “Polymerservice” Chair of the MoscowUniversity of the Engineering Ecology.

      The report is under coordination.

      • Rustam Deberdeev, Head of the Plastics Conversion Technology and Composite Materials Chair of Kazan National R&D Technological University.

      The report is under coordination.

      • Mr. Barvinskiy, Ms. Sabsai, Ms.Barvinskaya, JSC “SiSoft”.

      Advancements and problems of investigation of thermoplastics moulding under pressure: local factors influence on unfilled thermoplastics melt flow.

      • Lyana Shoranova, Specialist of the Scientific Research Institute named after L.Ya.Karpov.

      Non-combustible poly-olefin base materials, non-phosphorus and non-halogen one.

      • Mr.Braginskiy, Mr. Barvinskiy, Ms. Barvinskaya, JSC “SiSoft”.

      Shrinkage control modes in the process of thermoplastic moulding under pressure.

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