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    • 13.10.2010

      Bernd Fischer, executive director of Schnorr von Carolsfeld Engineering & Service GmbH Dedusting of granules at the stage of loading and feedstock processing

      Any impurities of feedstock can negatively affect the quality of finished articles and stability of the production process. Dust may cause black specks, blotches or soft spots in yarns or films. Dozers are clogged with strands.

      Pelletron Corporation, founded in 1986 in USA, offers to producers and converters of polymers effective solutions for the conversion of dedusting virgin and recycled polymers, automotive industry, medicine, food processing, etc. DeDusters are ranging in capacity from 50 to 100,000 kg per hour. Processors can install them directly on injection moulding machines, extruders, or dryers, while manufacturers could use them prior to bagging their material or loading railcars.


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