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    • 25.08.2010

      Sergei Tarskikh, director general of the Statico group. Specifics of the Russian waste separation. Technical solutions

      About 60% of municipal solid wastes are recycled in Europe. In Russia, this share is negligibly small. One of the strategic mistakes made by Russian legislators is the attribution of MSW utilisation requirements to the nature protection legislation, while these requirements must be dealt with in the industrial policy. To create waste recycling industry it is needed to solve four tasks:
      1. Removing the issues concerning wastes from the competence of the Ministry of Natural Resources.
      2. Establishing of a body regulating activities in the wastes processing sector without the right to fine for violations of environmental standards.
      3. Management of the quality of feedstock in the wastes processing industry. Arranging of a system of waste streams centralised management on a regional basis.
      4. Toughening of municipalities and population’s liabilities. Reduction of the landfilled MSW share, differential payment for sorted residual wastes, reasonable tariffs.


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