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    • 15.03.2010

      Valery Kulichikhin, director of the polymer rheology laboratory of the Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis. Thermoplastics-based nanocomposites: first steps to commercialization.

      Nanocomposites based on polymer matrix are being developed by many scientific centers, but their commercialization in the engineering polymers market, with few exceptions, failed despite their functional properties. On the one hand, it damaged reputation of the “nano” prefix, and on the other hand, compelled researchers to investigate why this happens to understand whether the introduction of true nanoparticles yields a nanocomposite.

      The report will discuss new ways of introducing nanoparticles of layered silicates and nanodiamonds into a polymeric matrix, which were developed by a group of scientists as part of an ISTC project and attracted the interest of LSP Access International LTD and Milena Trading Ltd.


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