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    • Sibur opens styrenics complex

      Sibur-Khimprom, the Perm-based subsidiary of the Sibur Holding petrochemical company, has inaugurated its styrenics integrated facility. The complex including facilities for manufacturing ethyl-benzene, styrene and expandable polystyrene was officially opened on November 9. Total investments in the upgrading project and new capacities surpassed 8 billion roubles, according to Sibur. The ethyl-benzene with a capacity of 220,000 tpa uses a license from the U.S. firm The Badger Licensing LLC. The existing 120,000 tpa unit using outdated technologies will soon be decommissioned, Sibur said on its website. The upgrading of the styrene manufacturing facility added 100,000 tpa. The current capacity of the unit is 135,000 tpa. The new plant for the Alphapor™ expandable polystyrene with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year will use a technology from the Austro-Norwegian company Sunpor.

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